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      Copyright (c) 2006-2007, Matevž Jekovec, Canorus development team
      All Rights Reserved. See AUTHORS for a complete list of authors.

      Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See COPYING for details.


#include <QList>
#include <QPen>
#include <QBrush>
#include <QRect>
#include <QLineEdit>
#include <QTimer>

#include "widgets/viewport.h"
#include "core/kdtree.h"
#include "core/note.h"

class QScrollBar;
class QMouseEvent;
class QWheelEvent;
class QTimer;
class QGridLayout;

class CADrawable;
class CADrawableMusElement;
class CADrawableContext;
class CADrawableNote;
class CAMusElement;
class CAContext;
class CASheet;
class CAStaff;
class CALyricsContext;

00038 class CATextEdit : public QLineEdit {

      CATextEdit( QWidget *parent=0 );

      void CAKeyPressEvent( QKeyEvent * );

public slots:
      void keyPressEvent( QKeyEvent * );

00052 class CAScoreViewPort : public CAViewPort {

00056       enum CAScrollBarVisibility {

      // Basic methods //
      CAScoreViewPort(QWidget *parent=0);
      CAScoreViewPort(CASheet *sheet, QWidget *parent=0);
      virtual ~CAScoreViewPort();
      CAScoreViewPort *clone();
      CAScoreViewPort *clone(QWidget *parent);
00070       inline CASheet  *sheet() { return _sheet; }
      inline void setSheet( CASheet *sheet ) { _sheet = sheet; }

      // Addition, removal of drawable elements //
      void addMElement(CADrawableMusElement *elt, bool select=false);
      void addCElement(CADrawableContext *elt, bool select=false);
      CAMusElement *removeMElement(double x, double y);

      void importElements(CAKDTree<CADrawableMusElement*> *drawableMList, CAKDTree<CADrawableContext*> *drawableCList);
      void importMElements(CAKDTree<CADrawableMusElement*> *elts);
      void importCElements(CAKDTree<CADrawableContext*> *elts);

      // Selection //
00087       inline QList<CADrawableMusElement*>& selection() { return _selection; };
      QList<CAMusElement*>                 musElementSelection();
      QList<CADrawableMusElement*>         musElementsAt(double x, double y);
      CADrawableContext                   *selectCElement(double x, double y);
      CADrawableMusElement                *selectMElement(CAMusElement *elt);
      CADrawableContext                   *selectContext(CAContext *context);
      inline QPoint                        lastMousePressCoords() { return _lastMousePressCoords; }
      void                                 setLastMousePressCoordsAfter(const QList<CAMusElement*> list);

      inline CADrawableContext *currentContext() { return _currentContext; }
      inline void setCurrentContext(CADrawableContext *c) { _currentContext = c; }

      void selectAll();
      void selectAllCurBar();
      void selectAllCurContext();
      void invertSelection();
00103       inline void clearSelection() { _selection.clear(); emit selectionChanged(); }
00104       inline bool removeFromSelection(CADrawableMusElement *elt) { return _selection.removeAll(elt); emit selectionChanged(); }

      void                  addToSelection(CADrawableMusElement *elt, bool triggerSignal=true );
      void                  addToSelection( const QList<CADrawableMusElement*> list, bool selectableOnly=true );
      CADrawableMusElement *addToSelection(CAMusElement *elt);
      void                  addToSelection(const QList<CAMusElement *> elts);

      CADrawableMusElement* selectNextMusElement( bool append=false );
      CADrawableMusElement* selectPrevMusElement( bool append=false );
      CADrawableMusElement* selectUpMusElement();
      CADrawableMusElement* selectDownMusElement();

      inline const QList<QRect> &selectionRegionList() const { return _selectionRegionList; }
      inline void addSelectionRegion(QRect r) { _selectionRegionList << r; }
      inline void removeSelectionRegion(QRect r) { _selectionRegionList.removeAll(r); }
      inline void clearSelectionRegionList() { _selectionRegionList.clear(); }
      inline CADrawable::CADirection resizeDirection() { return _resizeDirection; }

      // Music elements and contexts query, space calculation and access //
      CADrawableMusElement     *findMElement(CAMusElement*);
      CADrawableContext        *findCElement(CAContext*);
      QList<CADrawableContext*> findContextsInRegion(QRect &reg);
      CADrawableMusElement     *nearestLeftElement(double x, double y, CADrawableContext* context=0);
      CADrawableMusElement     *nearestLeftElement(double x, double y, CAVoice *voice);
      CADrawableMusElement     *nearestRightElement(double x, double y, CADrawableContext* context=0);
      CADrawableMusElement     *nearestRightElement(double x, double y, CAVoice *voice);
      int coordsToTime( double x );
      double timeToCoords( int time );
      double timeToCoordsSimpleVersion( int time );

      CADrawableContext *nearestUpContext(double x, double y);
      CADrawableContext *nearestDownContext(double x, double y);

      int calculateTime(double x, double y);

      CAContext *contextCollision(double x, double y);

      // Scrollbars //
      inline void setManualScroll(bool scroll) { _allowManualScroll = scroll; }
      inline bool manualScroll() { return _allowManualScroll; }

      void checkScrollBars();

      inline CAScrollBarVisibility isScrollBarVisible() { return _scrollBarVisible;}
      void setScrollBarVisible(CAScrollBarVisibility status);

      // Scene appearance, properties and actions //
      void rebuild();
      inline const int drawableWidth() { return _canvas->width(); }
      inline const int drawableHeight() { return _canvas->height(); }

      void setWorldX(int x, bool animate=false, bool force=false);
      void setWorldY(int y, bool animate=false, bool force=false);
      void setWorldWidth(int w, bool force=false);
      void setWorldHeight(int h, bool force=false);

      inline const int worldX() { return _worldX; }
      inline const int worldY() { return _worldY; }
      inline const int worldWidth() { return _worldW; }
      inline const int worldHeight() { return _worldH; }
      inline const QRect worldCoords() { return QRect(worldX(), worldY(), worldWidth(), worldHeight()); }

00172       inline const float zoom() { return _zoom; }

      void setWorldCoords(const QRect r, bool animate=false, bool force=false);
      void setWorldCoords(double x, double y, double w, double h, bool animate=false, bool force=false)  { setWorldCoords( QRect(x,y,w,h), animate, force); }

      void setCenterCoords(double x, double y, bool animate=false, bool force=false);

      void setZoom(float z, double x=0, double y=0, bool animate=false, bool force = false);
00180       void setZoom(float z, QPoint p,  bool animate=false, bool force = false) { setZoom(z, p.x(), p.y(), animate, force); }

      void zoomToSelection(bool animate=false, bool force=false);
      void zoomToWidth(bool animate=false, bool force=false);
      void zoomToHeight(bool animate=false, bool force=false);
      void zoomToFit(bool animate=false, bool force=false);

      void setBorder(const QPen pen);
      void unsetBorder();
      inline QPen border() { return _borderPen; }
      inline QColor backgroundColor() { return _backgroundColor; }
      inline void setBackgroundColor( const QColor c ) { _backgroundColor = c; }
      inline QColor foregroundColor() { return _foregroundColor; }
      inline void setForegroundColor( const QColor c ) { _foregroundColor = c; }
      inline QColor selectionColor() { return _selectionColor; }
      inline void setSelectionColor( const QColor c ) { _selectionColor = c; }
      inline QColor selectionAreaColor() { return _selectionAreaColor; }
      inline void setSelectionAreaColor( const QColor c ) { _selectionAreaColor = c; }
      inline QColor selectedContextColor() { return _selectedContextColor; }
      inline void setSelectedContextColor( const QColor c ) { _selectedContextColor = c; }
      inline QColor hiddenElementsColor() { return _hiddenElementsColor; }
      inline void setHiddenElementsColor( const QColor c ) { _hiddenElementsColor = c; }
      inline QColor disabledElementsColor() { return _disabledElementsColor; }
      inline void setDisabledElementsColor( const QColor c ) { _disabledElementsColor = c; }

      inline bool playing() { return _playing; }
      inline void setPlaying(bool playing) { _playing = playing; }

00208       inline void setRepaintArea(QRect *area) { _repaintArea = area; }
00209       inline void clearRepaintArea() { if (_repaintArea) delete _repaintArea; _repaintArea=0; }

      inline CAVoice *selectedVoice() { return _selectedVoice; }
      inline void setSelectedVoice( CAVoice *selectedVoice ) { _selectedVoice = selectedVoice; }

      inline bool shadowNoteVisible() { return _shadowNoteVisible; }
      inline void setShadowNoteVisible(bool visible) { _shadowNoteVisible = visible; setShadowNoteVisibleOnLeave(visible); }

      inline bool drawShadowNoteAccs() { return _drawShadowNoteAccs; }
      inline void setDrawShadowNoteAccs(bool draw) { _drawShadowNoteAccs = draw; }

      inline int shadowNoteAccs() { return _shadowNoteAccs; }
      inline void setShadowNoteAccs(int accs) { _shadowNoteAccs = accs; }

      void setShadowNoteLength( CAPlayableLength );

      CATextEdit *createTextEdit( CADrawableMusElement *elt );
      inline CATextEdit *textEdit() { return _textEdit; }
      void removeTextEdit();
      inline bool textEditVisible() { return _textEditVisible; }

      bool noteNameVisible() { return _noteNameVisible; }
      void setNoteNameVisible( bool v ) { _noteNameVisible = v; }

      QString noteName() { return _noteName; }
      void setNoteName( QString n ) { _noteName = n; }

      void updateHelpers(); // method for updating shadow notes, syllable edits and other post-engrave elements coordinates and sizes when zoom level is changed etc.

private slots:
      void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
      void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
      void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
      void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent *e);
      void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e);

      void HScrollBarEvent(int val);
      void VScrollBarEvent(int val);

      void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *e);
      void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *p);
      void leaveEvent(QEvent *e);
      void enterEvent(QEvent *e);
      void on_animationTimer_timeout();
      void on_clickTimer_timeout();

      void CATripleClickEvent( QMouseEvent *e, QPoint p );
      void CADoubleClickEvent( QMouseEvent *e, QPoint p );
      void CAMousePressEvent( QMouseEvent *e, QPoint p );
      void CAMouseReleaseEvent( QMouseEvent *e, QPoint p );
      void CAMouseMoveEvent( QMouseEvent *e, QPoint p );
      void CAWheelEvent( QWheelEvent *e, QPoint p );
      void CAKeyPressEvent( QKeyEvent *e );
      void selectionChanged();

      void initScoreViewPort( CASheet *s );
      inline void clearMElements() { _drawableMList.clear(true); }
      inline void clearCElements() { _drawableCList.clear(true); }
      inline bool isSelected(CADrawableMusElement *elt) { return (_selection.contains(elt)); }

      // Core Widgets //
      QGridLayout *_layout;    // Grid layout for placing the scrollbars at the right and the bottom.
      QWidget *_canvas;        // Virtual canvas which represents the size of the drawable area. All its signals are forwarded to CAViewPort.
      QScrollBar *_hScrollBar, *_vScrollBar; // Horizontal/vertical scrollbars

      // General properties //
      CAKDTree<CADrawableMusElement*> _drawableMList;  // The list of music elements stored in a tree for faster lookup and other operations. Every viewport has its own list of drawable elements and drawable objects themselves!
      CAKDTree<CADrawableContext*>    _drawableCList;  // The list of context drawable elements (staffs, lyrics etc.). Every viewport has its own list of drawable elements and drawable objects themselves!
      CASheet                        *_sheet;          // Pointer to the CASheet which the viewport represents.

      QList<CADrawableMusElement *>   _selection;      // The set of elements being selected.
      CADrawableContext              *_currentContext; // The pointer to the currently active context (staff, lyrics).

00288       static const int RIGHT_EXTRA_SPACE;   // Extra space at the right end to insert new music
      static const int BOTTOM_EXTRA_SPACE;  // Extra space at the bottom end to insert new music
      template <typename T> int getMaxXExtended(CAKDTree<T> &v);  // Make the viewable World a little bigger (stuffed) to make inserting at the end easier
      template <typename T> int getMaxYExtended(CAKDTree<T> &v);  // Make the viewable World a little bigger (stuffed) to make inserting below easies

      double _worldX, _worldY, _worldW, _worldH;      // Absolute world coordinates of the area the viewport is currently showing.
      QPoint _lastMousePressCoords;           // Used in multiple selection - coordinates of the upper-left point of the rectangle the user drags in world coordinates
      inline void setLastMousePressCoords( QPoint p ) { _lastMousePressCoords = p; }
      float _zoom;                            // Zoom level of the viewport (1.0 = 100%, 1.5 = 150% etc.).

      CAVoice *_selectedVoice;        // Voice to be drawn normal colors, others are shaded

      // Helpers //
      // Shadow note
      bool _shadowNoteVisible;        // Should the shadow notes be rendered or not

      bool _shadowNoteVisibleOnLeave; // When you leave the viewport, shadow note is always turned off. This property holds the value, if shadow note was enabled before you left the viewport.
      inline bool shadowNoteVisibleOnLeave() { return _shadowNoteVisibleOnLeave; }
      inline void setShadowNoteVisibleOnLeave( bool v ) { _shadowNoteVisibleOnLeave = v; }

      int _shadowNoteAccs;            // Number of accidentals - 0 - natural, 1 - sharp, -1 flat
      bool _drawShadowNoteAccs;       // Draw shadow note accs?
      QList<CANote*> _shadowNote;     // List of all shadow notes - one shadow note per drawable staff
      QList<CADrawableNote*> _shadowDrawableNote;     // List of drawable shadow notes

      // QLineEdit for editing or creating a lyrics syllable
      CATextEdit *_textEdit;
      inline void setTextEdit( CATextEdit *e ) { _textEdit = e; }
      QRect _textEditGeometry;
      inline QRect textEditGeometry() { return _textEditGeometry; }
      inline void setTextEditGeometry( const QRect r ) { _textEditGeometry = r; }
      bool _textEditVisible;
      inline void setTextEditVisible(bool v) { _textEditVisible = v; }
      inline void setResizeDirection( CADrawable::CADirection r ) { _resizeDirection = r; }
      CADrawable::CADirection _resizeDirection; // Is the current scalable music element in drag-drop resizing mode?

      // Selection regions
      QList<QRect> _selectionRegionList;
      void drawSelectionRegion( QPainter *p, CADrawSettings s );

      // Appearance //
      bool _drawBorder;              // Should the border be drawn or not.
      QRect *_repaintArea;           // Area to be repainted on paintEvent().
      QPen _borderPen;               // Pen which the border is drawn by.
      QColor _backgroundColor;       // Color which the background is filled.
      QColor _foregroundColor;       // Color which the music elements are painted.
      QColor _selectionColor;        // Color which the selected music elements are painted.
      QColor _selectionAreaColor;    // Color which the selection area background is filled.
      QColor _selectedContextColor;  // Color which the current context is painted.
      QColor _disabledElementsColor; // Color which the elements in non-selected voice are painted.
      QColor _hiddenElementsColor;   // Color which the invisible elements are painted in current-voice-only mode.
      bool    _noteNameVisible;      // Is the written note name visible
      QString _noteName;             // Name of the note to be inserted. eg. c', Des,

      // Animation //
      QTimer *_animationTimer;          // Timer used to animate scroll/zoom behaviour.
      static const int ANIMATION_STEPS; // Number of steps used in animation
      int _animationStep;               // Current step in the animation
      double _targetWorldX, _targetWorldY, _targetWorldW, _targetWorldH;      // Absolute world coordinates of the area the viewport is currently showing.
      float _targetZoom;                // Zoom level of the viewport (1.0 = 100%, 1.5 = 150% etc.).

      void startAnimationTimer();

      // Widgets behaviour //
      CAScrollBarVisibility _scrollBarVisible;  // Are the scrollbars always visible/never/if needed. Use CAViewPort::ScrollBarAlwaysVisible, CAViewPort::ScrollBarAlwaysHidden or CAViewPort::ScrollBarShowIfNeeded.
00361       bool _allowManualScroll; // Does the scrollbars actually react on user actions - sometimes we only want the scrollbars to show the current location of the score and don't do anything

      // Internal properties //
      double _oldWorldX, _oldWorldY, _oldWorldW, _oldWorldH; // Old coordinates used before the repaint. This is needed so only the new part of the viewport gets repainted when panning.
      bool _playing;                                      // Set to on, when in Playback mode
      QTimer *_clickTimer;                                // Used for measuring doubleClick and tripleClick
      int     _numberOfClicks;                            // Used for measuring doubleClick and tripleClick

      double _xCursor, _yCursor;                             // Mouse cursor position in absolute world coords.
      bool _holdRepaint;                                  // Flag to prevent multiple repaintings.
      bool _checkScrollBarsDeadLock;                      // Flag to prevent recursive checkScrollBars() calls.
      bool _hScrollBarDeadLock;                           // Flag to prevent recursive scrollbar calls when its value is manually changed.
      bool _vScrollBarDeadLock;                           // Flag to prevent recursive scrollbar calls when its value is manually changed.


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