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      Copyright (c) 2006-2007, Reinhard Katzmann, Matevž Jekovec, Canorus development team
      All Rights Reserved. See AUTHORS for a complete list of authors.

      Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See COPYING for details.

#ifndef MAINWIN_H_
#define MAINWIN_H_

#include <QObject>
#include <QFileDialog>
#include <QTime>
#include <QTimer>
#include <QHash>

#include "ui_mainwin.h"

#include "core/document.h"
#include "core/muselement.h"
#include "core/note.h"
#include "core/clef.h"

#include "interface/playback.h"
#include "interface/pyconsoleinterface.h"

#include "widgets/viewportcontainer.h"
#include "widgets/scoreviewport.h"
#include "widgets/resourceview.h"

class QKeyEvent;
class QSlider;
class QSpinBox;
class QToolBar;
class QLabel;
class QLineEdit;
class QComboBox;
class QCheckBox;
class QAction;

class CAHelpBrowser;
class CAMenuToolButton;
class CAUndoToolButton;
class CALCDNumber;
class CASheet;
class CAScoreViewPort;
class CASourceViewPort;
class CAMusElementFactory;
class CAPrintPreviewCtl;
class CAPrintCtl;
class CAPreviewCtl;
class CAPyConsole;
class CATransposeView;
class CAMidiRecorderView;
class CAKeybdInput;
class CAExport;

class CAMainWin : public QMainWindow, private Ui::uiMainWindow

      enum CAMode {

      CAMainWin(QMainWindow *oParent = 0);

      void clearUI();
      void rebuildUI(CASheet *sheet, bool repaint=true);
      void rebuildUI(bool repaint=true);
      inline bool rebuildUILock() { return _rebuildUILock; }
      void updateWindowTitle();

      void newDocument();
      void addSheet(CASheet *s);
      void removeSheet(CASheet *s);
      void insertMusElementAt( const QPoint coords, CAScoreViewPort *v );
      void restartTimeEditedTime() { _timeEditedTime = 0; };
      void deleteSelection( CAScoreViewPort *v, bool deleteSyllable, bool deleteNotes, bool undo );
      void copySelection( CAScoreViewPort *v );
      void pasteAt( const QPoint coords, CAScoreViewPort *v );

      CADocument *openDocument( const QString& fileName );
      CADocument *openDocument( CADocument* doc );
      bool saveDocument( QString fileName );

      inline CAMode mode() { return _mode; }
      inline QFileDialog *exportDialog() { return uiExportDialog; }
      inline QFileDialog *importDialog() { return uiImportDialog; }
      inline CAResourceView *resourceView() { return _resourceView; }
      inline QAction        *resourceViewAction() { return uiResourceView; }
      inline CAMidiRecorderView *midiRecorderView() { return _midiRecorderView; }
      inline void setMidiRecorderView( CAMidiRecorderView *v ) { _midiRecorderView = v; }
      inline CAViewPort *currentViewPort() { return _currentViewPort; }
      inline void removeViewPort(CAViewPort* v) { _viewPortList.removeAll(v); }
      inline QList<CAViewPort*> viewPortList() { return _viewPortList; }

      inline CAScoreViewPort *currentScoreViewPort() {
            if (currentViewPort()) return dynamic_cast<CAScoreViewPort*>(currentViewPort());
            else return 0;

      inline CASheet *currentSheet() {
            CAScoreViewPort *v = currentScoreViewPort();
            if (v) return v->sheet();
            else return 0;

      inline CAStaff *currentStaff() {
            CAContext *context = currentContext();
            if (context && context->contextType()==CAContext::Staff) return static_cast<CAStaff*>(context);
            else return 0;

      CAContext *currentContext();
      CAVoice   *currentVoice();
      inline CAViewPortContainer *currentViewPortContainer() { return _currentViewPortContainer; }
      inline CADocument *document() { return _document; }

      inline void setDocument(CADocument *document) { _document = document; _resourceView->setDocument( document ); }

      // Dialogs, Windows
      static QFileDialog *uiSaveDialog;
      static QFileDialog *uiOpenDialog;
      static QFileDialog *uiExportDialog;
      static QFileDialog *uiImportDialog;

      // Python Console
      CAPyConsole *pyConsole;
      CAPyConsoleInterface* pyConsoleIface;

      QDockWidget *helpDock() { return uiHelpDock; }
      CAHelpBrowser *helpWidget() { return uiHelpWidget; }

private slots:
      // ToolBar/Menus actions //
      void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event);
      // File
      void on_uiNewDocument_triggered();
      void on_uiOpenDocument_triggered();
      bool on_uiSaveDocument_triggered();
      bool on_uiSaveDocumentAs_triggered();
      void on_uiCloseDocument_triggered();
      void on_uiExportDocument_triggered();
      void on_uiImportDocument_triggered();
      void on_uiExportToPdf_triggered();
      void on_uiOpenRecent_aboutToShow();
      void onUiOpenRecentDocumentTriggered();

      // Edit
      void on_uiUndo_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiRedo_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiCopy_triggered();
      void on_uiCut_triggered();
      void on_uiPaste_triggered();
      void on_uiSelectAll_triggered();
      void on_uiInvertSelection_triggered();
      void on_uiDocumentProperties_triggered();

      // Insert
      void on_uiSelectMode_toggled(bool);
      void on_uiEditMode_toggled(bool);
      void on_uiNewSheet_triggered();
      void on_uiNewVoice_triggered();
      void on_uiContextType_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiClefType_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiInsertKeySig_toggled(bool);
      void on_uiTimeSigType_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiBarlineType_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiInsertPlayable_toggled(bool);
      void on_uiSlurType_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiMarkType_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiArticulationType_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiInsertSyllable_toggled(bool);
      void on_uiInsertFM_toggled(bool);

      // View
      void on_uiFullscreen_toggled(bool);
      void on_uiAnimatedScroll_toggled(bool);
      void on_uiLockScrollPlayback_toggled(bool);
      void on_uiZoomToSelection_triggered();
      void on_uiZoomToFit_triggered();
      void on_uiZoomToWidth_triggered();
      void on_uiZoomToHeight_triggered();
      void on_uiScoreView_triggered();
      void on_uiLilyPondSource_triggered();
      void on_uiCanorusMLSource_triggered();
      void on_uiResourceView_toggled(bool);

      // Sheet
      void on_uiRemoveSheet_triggered();
      void on_uiSheetName_returnPressed();
      void on_uiSheetProperties_triggered();

      // Context
      void on_uiContextName_returnPressed();
      void on_uiRemoveContext_triggered();
      void on_uiStanzaNumber_valueChanged(int);
      void on_uiAssociatedVoice_activated(int);
      void on_uiContextProperties_triggered();

      // Playback
      void on_uiPlayFromSelection_toggled(bool);

      // Playable
      void on_uiPlayableLength_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiTupletType_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiTupletNumber_valueChanged(int);
      void on_uiTupletActualNumber_valueChanged(int);
      void on_uiNoteStemDirection_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiHiddenRest_toggled( bool checked );
      void onMidiInEvent( QVector<unsigned char> message );

      // Key Signature
      void on_uiKeySig_activated( int );

      // Time Signature
      void on_uiTimeSigBeats_valueChanged(int);
      void on_uiTimeSigBeat_valueChanged(int);

      // Clef
      void on_uiClefOffset_valueChanged(int);

      // Lyrics
      void onTextEditKeyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *);

      // Function marks
      void on_uiFMFunction_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiFMChordArea_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiFMTonicDegree_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiFMEllipse_toggled(bool);

      // Dynamic marks
      void on_uiDynamicText_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiDynamicVolume_valueChanged(int);
      void on_uiDynamicCustomText_returnPressed();

      // Instrument change
      void on_uiInstrumentChange_activated( int );

      // Fermata
      void on_uiFermataType_toggled( bool, int );

      // Repeat Mark
      void on_uiRepeatMarkType_toggled( bool, int );

      // Fingering
      void on_uiFinger_toggled( bool checked, int t );
      void on_uiFingeringOriginal_toggled( bool checked );

      // Tempo
      void on_uiTempoBeat_toggled( bool, int );
      void on_uiTempoBpm_returnPressed();

      // Tools
      void on_uiSettings_triggered();
      void on_uiTranspose_triggered();
      void on_uiMidiRecorder_triggered();

      // Voice
      void on_uiVoiceNum_valChanged(int);
      void on_uiVoiceName_returnPressed();
      void on_uiVoiceInstrument_activated(int);
      void on_uiRemoveVoice_triggered();
      void on_uiVoiceStemDirection_toggled(bool, int);
      void on_uiVoiceProperties_triggered();

      // Window
      void on_uiSplitHorizontally_triggered();
      void on_uiSplitVertically_triggered();
      void on_uiUnsplitAll_triggered();
      void on_uiCloseCurrentView_triggered();
      void on_uiNewViewport_triggered();
      void on_uiNewWindow_triggered();

      // Help
public slots:
      void on_uiUsersGuide_triggered();
private slots:
      void on_uiAboutCanorus_triggered();
      void on_uiAboutQt_triggered();

      // Handle other widgets signals //
      void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *);
      void on_uiTabWidget_currentChanged(int);

      void viewPortClicked();

      void scoreViewPortMousePress(QMouseEvent *e, const QPoint coords);
      void scoreViewPortMouseMove(QMouseEvent *e, const QPoint coords);
      void scoreViewPortMouseRelease(QMouseEvent *e, const QPoint coords);
      void scoreViewPortDoubleClick(QMouseEvent *e, const QPoint coords);
      void scoreViewPortTripleClick(QMouseEvent *e, const QPoint coords);
      void scoreViewPortWheel(QWheelEvent *e, const QPoint coords);
      void scoreViewPortKeyPress(QKeyEvent *e);
      void sourceViewPortCommit(QString inputString);
      void floatViewPortClosed(CAViewPort*);

      void onTimeEditedTimerTimeout();

      void playbackFinished();
      void onScoreViewPortSelectionChanged();
      void onRepaintTimerTimeout();

      void playImmediately( QList<CAMusElement*> elements );

      // General properties //
00321       CADocument *_document;
00322       CAMode _mode;

      CAPreviewCtl *_poPrintPreviewCtl;
      CAPrintCtl   *_poPrintCtl;
      CAExport *_poExp; // abstract export instance
      CAResourceView *_resourceView;
      CATransposeView *_transposeView;
      CAMidiRecorderView *_midiRecorderView;

      void setMode(CAMode mode);
      inline void setCurrentViewPort( CAViewPort *viewPort ) { _currentViewPort = viewPort; }
      inline void setCurrentViewPortContainer( CAViewPortContainer *vpc )
            { _currentViewPortContainer = vpc; }

      CAViewPortContainer *_currentViewPortContainer;
      QList<CAViewPortContainer *>_viewPortContainerList;

00339       QList<CAViewPort *> _viewPortList;
      QHash<CAViewPortContainer*, CASheet*> _sheetMap;
      CAViewPort *_currentViewPort;
      bool _animatedScroll;
      bool _lockScrollPlayback;
00344       CAViewPort *_playbackViewPort;
      QList<CADrawableMusElement*> _prePlaybackSelection;
      QTimer *_repaintTimer;
00347       bool _rebuildUILock;
      inline void setRebuildUILock(bool l) { _rebuildUILock = l; }

      CAPlayback *_playback;
      QTimer _timeEditedTimer;
      unsigned int  _timeEditedTime;
      CAMusElementFactory *_musElementFactory;
      inline CAMusElementFactory *musElementFactory() { return _musElementFactory; }
      inline bool stopPlayback() {
                  if(_playback && _playback->isRunning())

      bool handleUnsavedChanges();

      CAKeybdInput *_keybdInput;
      // Pure user interface - widgets that weren't created by Qt Designer yet //
      void createCustomActions();
      void setupCustomUi();
      void initViewPort(CAViewPort*);
      void updateUndoRedoButtons();
      void updateToolBars();
      void updateSheetToolBar();
      void updateContextToolBar();
      void updateVoiceToolBar();
      void updateInsertToolBar();
      void updatePlayableToolBar();
      void updateKeySigToolBar();
      void updateTimeSigToolBar();
      void updateClefToolBar();
      void updateFMToolBar();
      void updateDynamicToolBar();
      void updateInstrumentToolBar();
      void updateTempoToolBar();
      void updateFermataToolBar();
      void updateRepeatMarkToolBar();
      void updateFingeringToolBar();

            // Toolbar section //
            // Standard toolbar
            //QToolBar  *uiStandardToolBar;
                  CAUndoToolButton  *uiUndo;
                  CAUndoToolButton  *uiRedo;

            // Insert toolbar
            QToolBar     *uiInsertToolBar;
                  QActionGroup *uiInsertGroup;           // Group for mutual exclusive selection of music elements
                  // QAction       *uiSelectMode; // made by Qt Designer
                  // QAction       *uiNewSheet; // made by Qt Designer
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiContextType;

                  // QAction       *uiInsertPlayable;  // made by Qt Designer
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiClefType;
                  // QAction       *uiInsertKeySig;  // made by Qt Designer
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiTimeSigType;  // made by Qt Designer
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiBarlineType;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiMarkType;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiArticulationType;
                  // QAction       *uiInsertSyllable;  // made by Qt Designer
                  // QAction       *uiInsertFM;  // made by Qt Designer

            QToolBar *uiSheetToolBar;
                  // QAction        *uiNewSheet; // made by Qt Designer
                  QLineEdit         *uiSheetName;
                  // QAction        *uiRemoveSheet; // made by Qt Designer
                  // QAction        *uiSheetProperties; // made by Qt Designer

            QToolBar *uiContextToolBar;
                  // CAContext
                  QLineEdit        *uiContextName;
                  //QAction          *uiRemoveContext; // made by Qt Designer
                  //QAction          *uiContextProperties; // made by Qt Designer
                  // CAStaff
                  // CALyricsContext
                  QSpinBox         *uiStanzaNumber;
                  QAction          *uiStanzaNumberAction;
                  QComboBox        *uiAssociatedVoice;
                  QAction          *uiAssociatedVoiceAction;
                  // CAFunctionMarkContext

            QToolBar *uiVoiceToolBar;
                  // QAction       *uiNewVoice;  // made by Qt Designer
                  CALCDNumber      *uiVoiceNum;
                  QLineEdit        *uiVoiceName;
                  QComboBox        *uiVoiceInstrument;
                  // QAction       *uiRemoveVoice; // made by Qt Designer
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiVoiceStemDirection;
                  // QAction       *uiVoiceProperties; // made by Qt Designer

            QToolBar *uiPlayableToolBar; // note and rest properties are merged for the time being
                  // Note properties
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiPlayableLength;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiNoteAccs;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiSlurType;
public:           // Because CAKeyboardInput (input with midi keyboard) needs to operate these widgets to
                  // provide gui feedback, these, probably even more, should become public.
                  // Some clean interface would be appropriate.
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiTupletType;
                  QSpinBox         *uiTupletNumber;
                  QSpinBox         *uiTupletActualNumber;
                  QAction          *uiTupletNumberAction;
                  QLabel           *uiTupletInsteadOf;
                  QAction          *uiTupletInsteadOfAction;
                  QAction          *uiTupletActualNumberAction;
                  // QAction       *uiNoteAccsVisible; // made by Qt Designer
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiNoteStemDirection;
                  // Rest properties
                  // CAMenuToolButton *uiPlayableLength; // same as note properties
                  // QLabel        *uiPlayableDotted; // same as note properties
                  // QAction          *uiHiddenRest; // made by Qt Designer

            QToolBar *uiKeySigToolBar;
                  // CAKeySigPSP  *uiKeySigPSP;             /// Key signature perspective. \todo Reimplement it.
                  QComboBox *uiKeySig;
                  // QComboBox    *uiKeySigGender;

            QToolBar *uiClefToolBar;
                  QSpinBox *uiClefOffset;
                  int oldUiClefOffsetValue;

            QToolBar *uiTimeSigToolBar;
                  QSpinBox         *uiTimeSigBeats;
                  QLabel           *uiTimeSigSlash;
                  QSpinBox         *uiTimeSigBeat;
                  // CAMenuToolButton *uiTimeSigStyle; /// \todo Implement it. -Matevz

            QToolBar *uiFMToolBar;                       // function mark tool bar
                  CAMenuToolButton  *uiFMFunction;
                  CAMenuToolButton  *uiFMChordArea;
                  CAMenuToolButton  *uiFMTonicDegree;
                  QComboBox         *uiFMKeySig;
                  //QSpinBox        *uiKeySigNumberOfAccs; // defined in uiKeySigToolBar
                  //QComboBox       *uiKeySigGender;       // defined in uiKeySigToolBar
                  //QAction         *uiFMEllipse;          // made by Qt Designer

            // Marks tool bars:
            QToolBar *uiDynamicToolBar;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiDynamicText;
                  QSpinBox         *uiDynamicVolume;
                  QLineEdit        *uiDynamicCustomText;
            QToolBar *uiInstrumentToolBar;
                  QComboBox        *uiInstrumentChange;
            QToolBar *uiTempoToolBar;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiTempoBeat;
                  QLabel           *uiTempoEquals;
                  QLineEdit        *uiTempoBpm;
            QToolBar *uiFermataToolBar;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiFermataType;
            QToolBar *uiRepeatMarkToolBar;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiRepeatMarkType;
            QToolBar *uiFingeringToolBar;
                  CAMenuToolButton *uiFinger;
                  QCheckBox        *uiFingeringOriginal;

            // Python console
            QDockWidget *uiPyConsoleDock;

            // Help widget
            QDockWidget *uiHelpDock;
            CAHelpBrowser   *uiHelpWidget;
#endif /* MAINWIN_H_ */

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