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CAVoice Class Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Class which represents a voice in the staff.

Copyright (c) 2006-2008, Matevž Jekovec, Canorus development team All Rights Reserved. See AUTHORS for a complete list of authors.

Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See LICENSE.GPL for details.

CAVoice is a class which holds music elements in the staff. In hieararchy, staff includes multiple voices and every voice includes multiple music elements.

See also:
CAStaff, CAMusElement

Definition at line 22 of file voice.h.

Public Member Functions

void addLyricsContext (CALyricsContext *lc)
void addLyricsContexts (QList< CALyricsContext * > list)
void append (CAMusElement *elt, bool addToChord=false)
 CAVoice (const QString name, CAStaff *staff, CANote::CAStemDirection stemDirection=CANote::StemNeutral, int voiceNumber=0)
void clear ()
CAVoiceclone (CAStaff *newStaff=0)
void cloneVoiceProperties (CAVoice *v)
bool contains (CAMusElement *elt)
bool containsPitch (CADiatonicPitch p, int timeStart)
bool containsPitch (int noteName, int timeStart)
QList< CAMusElement * > getBar (int time)
QList< CAPlayable * > getChord (int time)
CAClefgetClef (CAMusElement *elt)
QList< CAMusElement * > getEltByType (CAMusElement::CAMusElementType type, int startTime)
CAKeySignaturegetKeySig (CAMusElement *elt)
QList< CANote * > getNoteList ()
QList< CAMusElement * > getPreviousByType (CAMusElement::CAMusElementType type, int startTime)
QList< CAMusElement * > getSignList ()
CATimeSignaturegetTimeSig (CAMusElement *elt)
int indexOf (CAMusElement *elt)
bool insert (CAMusElement *eltAfter, CAMusElement *elt, bool addToChord=false)
CAPlayableinsertInTupletAndVoiceAt (CAPlayable *p, CAPlayable *n)
bool isFirstVoice ()
CAMusElementlastMusElement ()
CANotelastNote ()
CADiatonicPitch lastNotePitch (bool inChord=false)
CAPlayablelastPlayableElt ()
int lastTimeEnd ()
int lastTimeStart ()
QList< CALyricsContext * > lyricsContextList ()
unsigned char midiChannel ()
unsigned char midiProgram ()
CAMusElementmusElementAt (int i)
int musElementCount ()
QList< CAMusElement * > & musElementList ()
const QString name ()
CAMusElementnext (CAMusElement *elt)
CAMusElementnextByType (CAMusElement::CAMusElementType type, CAMusElement *elt)
CANotenextNote (int timeStart)
CAPlayablenextPlayable (int timeStart)
CARestnextRest (int timeStart)
CAMusElementprevious (CAMusElement *elt)
CAMusElementpreviousByType (CAMusElement::CAMusElementType type, CAMusElement *elt)
CANotepreviousNote (int timeStart)
CAPlayablepreviousPlayable (int timeStart)
CARestpreviousRest (int timeStart)
bool remove (CAMusElement *elt, bool updateSignsTimes=true)
bool removeLyricsContext (CALyricsContext *lc)
void setLyricsContexts (QList< CALyricsContext * > list)
void setMidiChannel (const unsigned char ch)
void setMidiProgram (const unsigned char program)
void setName (const QString name)
void setStaff (CAStaff *staff)
void setStemDirection (CANote::CAStemDirection direction)
CAStaffstaff ()
CANote::CAStemDirection stemDirection ()
bool synchronizeMusElements ()
int voiceNumber ()
 ~CAVoice ()

Private Member Functions

bool addNoteToChord (CANote *note, CANote *referenceNote)
bool insertMusElement (CAMusElement *before, CAMusElement *elt)
bool updateTimes (int idx, int length, bool signsToo=false)

Private Attributes

QList< CALyricsContext * > _lyricsContextList
unsigned char _midiChannel
unsigned char _midiProgram
QList< CAMusElement * > _musElementList
QString _name
CANote::CAStemDirection _stemDirection
int _voiceNumber


class CAStaff

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