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CASettings Class Reference

#include <settings.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for storing the Canorus settings.

Copyright (c) 2007, Matevž Jekovec, Canorus development team All Rights Reserved. See AUTHORS for a complete list of authors.

Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See COPYING for details.

This class is a model class used for reading and writing the settings in/out of the config file.

The default location of config files are usually $HOME$/.config/Canorus for POSIX systems and HOME% data on M$ systems. See

Definition at line 19 of file settings.h.

Public Member Functions

bool antiAliasing ()
bool autoBar ()
int autoRecoveryInterval ()
QColor backgroundColor ()
 CASettings (const QString &fileName, QObject *parent=0)
 CASettings (QObject *parent=0)
CAFileFormats::CAFileFormatType defaultSaveFormat ()
QColor disabledElementsColor ()
QDir documentsDirectory ()
bool finaleLyricsBehaviour ()
QColor foregroundColor ()
QColor hiddenElementsColor ()
int maxRecentDocuments ()
int midiInPort ()
int midiOutPort ()
QString pdfViewerLocation ()
bool playInsertedNotes ()
int readSettings ()
QColor selectedContextColor ()
QColor selectionAreaColor ()
QColor selectionColor ()
void setAntiAliasing (bool a)
void setAutoBar (bool b)
void setAutoRecoveryInterval (int interval)
void setBackgroundColor (QColor backgroundColor)
void setDefaultSaveFormat (CAFileFormats::CAFileFormatType t)
void setDisabledElementsColor (QColor disabledElementsColor)
void setDocumentsDirectory (QDir d)
void setFinaleLyricsBehaviour (bool b)
void setForegroundColor (QColor foregroundColor)
void setHiddenElementsColor (QColor hiddenElementsColor)
void setMaxRecentDocuments (int r)
void setMidiInPort (int in)
void setMidiOutPort (int out)
void setPdfViewerLocation (QString pl)
void setPlayInsertedNotes (bool b)
void setSelectedContextColor (QColor selectedContextColor)
void setSelectionAreaColor (QColor selectionAreaColor)
void setSelectionColor (QColor selectionColor)
void setShadowNotesInOtherStaffs (bool b)
void setTypesetter (CATypesetter::CATypesetterType t)
void setTypesetterLocation (QString tl)
void setUseSystemDefaultPdfViewer (bool s)
void setUseSystemDefaultTypesetter (bool s)
bool shadowNotesInOtherStaffs ()
CATypesetter::CATypesetterType typesetter ()
QString typesetterLocation ()
bool useSystemDefaultPdfViewer ()
bool useSystemDefaultTypesetter ()
void writeSettings ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const QString defaultSettingsPath ()

Static Public Attributes

static const bool DEFAULT_ANTIALIASING = true
static const bool DEFAULT_AUTO_BAR = true
static const QColor DEFAULT_BACKGROUND_COLOR = QColor(255, 255, 240)
static const QColor DEFAULT_DISABLED_ELEMENTS_COLOR = Qt::gray
static const QDir DEFAULT_DOCUMENTS_DIRECTORY = QDir::home()
static const bool DEFAULT_FINALE_LYRICS_BEHAVIOUR = false
static const QColor DEFAULT_FOREGROUND_COLOR = Qt::black
static const QColor DEFAULT_HIDDEN_ELEMENTS_COLOR = Qt::green
static const int DEFAULT_MAX_RECENT_DOCUMENTS = 15
static const int DEFAULT_MIDI_IN_PORT = -1
static const int DEFAULT_MIDI_OUT_PORT = -1
static const QString DEFAULT_PDF_VIEWER_LOCATION = ""
static const bool DEFAULT_PLAY_INSERTED_NOTES = true
static const
static const QColor DEFAULT_SELECTED_CONTEXT_COLOR = Qt::blue
static const QColor DEFAULT_SELECTION_AREA_COLOR = QColor( 255, 0, 80, 70 )
static const QColor DEFAULT_SELECTION_COLOR = Qt::red
static const bool DEFAULT_SHADOW_NOTES_IN_OTHER_STAFFS = false
static const
static const bool DEFAULT_USE_SYSTEM_PDF_VIEWER = true
static const bool DEFAULT_USE_SYSTEM_TYPESETTER = true

Private Member Functions

void readRecentDocuments ()
void writeRecentDocuments ()

Private Attributes

bool _antiAliasing
bool _autoBar
int _autoRecoveryInterval
QColor _backgroundColor
CAFileFormats::CAFileFormatType _defaultSaveFormat
QColor _disabledElementsColor
QDir _documentsDirectory
bool _finaleLyricsBehaviour
QColor _foregroundColor
QColor _hiddenElementsColor
int _maxRecentDocuments
int _midiInPort
int _midiOutPort
QString _pdfViewerLocation
bool _playInsertedNotes
QColor _selectedContextColor
QColor _selectionAreaColor
QColor _selectionColor
bool _shadowNotesInOtherStaffs
CATypesetter::CATypesetterType _typesetter
QString _typesetterLocation
bool _useSystemDefaultPdfViewer
bool _useSystemDefaultTypesetter

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