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CANote Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for CANote:

CAPlayable CAMusElement

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Represents a note in the score.

Copyright (c) 2006-2008, Matevž Jekovec, Canorus development team All Rights Reserved. See AUTHORS for a complete list of authors.

Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See LICENSE.GPL for details.

This class represents every note in the score. It inherits the base class CAPlayable.

Definition at line 18 of file note.h.

Public Types

enum  CAMusElementType {
  Undefined = 0, Note, Rest, Barline,
  Clef, TimeSignature, KeySignature, Slur,
  Tuplet, Syllable, FunctionMark, Mark
enum  CAStemDirection { StemNeutral, StemUp, StemDown, StemPreferred }
 Direction of the note's stem. More...

Public Member Functions

CASlur::CASlurDirection actualSlurDirection ()
CAStemDirection actualStemDirection ()
void addMark (CAMark *mark)
void addMarks (QList< CAMark * > marks)
void calculateTimeLength ()
 CANote (CADiatonicPitch pitch, CAPlayableLength length, CAVoice *voice, int timeStart, int timeLength=-1)
virtual CAPlayableclone (CAContext *context)
CANoteclone (CAVoice *voice=0)
const QColor color ()
int compare (CAMusElement *elt)
CAContextcontext ()
CADiatonicPitchdiatonicPitch ()
bool forceAccidentals ()
QList< CANote * > getChord ()
bool isFirstInChord ()
bool isFirstInTuplet ()
bool isLastInChord ()
bool isLastInTuplet ()
bool isPartOfChord ()
bool isPlayable ()
const bool isVisible ()
const QList< CAMark * > markList ()
CAMusElementType musElementType ()
const QString name ()
CAPlayableLength noteLength ()
int notePosition ()
CASlurphrasingSlurEnd ()
CASlurphrasingSlurStart ()
CAPlayableLengthplayableLength ()
void removeMark (CAMark *mark)
void resetTime ()
void setColor (const QColor c)
CAContextsetContext (CAContext *context)
void setDiatonicPitch (CADiatonicPitch &pitch)
void setForceAccidentals (bool force)
void setName (const QString name)
void setPhrasingSlurEnd (CASlur *pSlurEnd)
void setPhrasingSlurStart (CASlur *pSlurStart)
void setPlayableLength (CAPlayableLength &l)
void setSlurEnd (CASlur *slurEnd)
void setSlurStart (CASlur *slurStart)
void setStemDirection (CAStemDirection direction)
void setTieEnd (CASlur *tieEnd)
void setTieStart (CASlur *tieStart)
void setTimeLength (int length)
void setTimeStart (int time)
void setTuplet (CATuplet *t)
void setVisible (const bool v)
void setVoice (CAVoice *v)
CASlurslurEnd ()
CASlurslurStart ()
CAStaffstaff ()
CAStemDirection stemDirection ()
CASlurtieEnd ()
CASlurtieStart ()
int timeEnd ()
virtual int timeLength ()
virtual int timeStart ()
CATuplettuplet ()
void updateTies ()
CAVoicevoice ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const QString generateNoteName (int pitch, int accs)
static CAMusElementType musElementTypeFromString (const QString)
static const QString musElementTypeToString (CAMusElementType)
static CAStemDirection stemDirectionFromString (const QString)
static const QString stemDirectionToString (CAStemDirection)

Protected Member Functions

void setMusElementType (CAMusElementType type)

Protected Attributes

QColor _color
QList< CAMark * > _markList
CAMusElementType _musElementType
QString _name
CAPlayableLength _playableLength
int _timeLength
int _timeStart
bool _visible

Private Attributes

CADiatonicPitch _diatonicPitch
bool _forceAccidentals
CAStemDirection _stemDirection

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