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CAMidiExport Class Reference

#include <midiexport.h>

Inheritance diagram for CAMidiExport:

CAExport CAMidiDevice CAFile

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Detailed Description

Midi file export filter This class is used to export the document or parts of the document to a midi file. The most common use is to simply call one of the constructors.

Copyright (c) 2007, Matevž Jekovec, Canorus development team All Rights Reserved. See AUTHORS for a complete list of authors.

Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See LICENSE.GPL for details.

      CAMidiExport( myDocument, &textStream );

textStream is usually the file stream.

See also:

Definition at line 32 of file midiexport.h.

Public Types

enum  CAMidiDeviceType { RtMidiDevice, MidiExportDevice }
enum  midiCommands {
  Meta_Text = 0x01, Meta_Copyright = 0x02, Meta_SeqTrkName = 0x03, Meta_InstrName = 0x04,
  Meta_Lyric = 0x05, Meta_Marker = 0x06, Meta_CuePoint = 0x07, Meta_Tempo = 0x51,
  Meta_SMPTEOffs = 0x54, Meta_Timesig = 0x58, Meta_Keysig = 0x59, Meta_Track_End = 0x2f,
  Midi_Ctl_Reverb = 0x5b, Midi_Ctl_Chorus = 0x5d, Midi_Ctl_Pan = 0x0a, Midi_Ctl_Volume = 0x07,
  Midi_Ctl_Sustain = 0x40, Midi_Ctl_Event = 0xff, Midi_Note_Off = 0x80, Midi_Note_On = 0x90,
  Midi_Prog_Change = 0xc0, Midi_Control_Chg = 0xb0


void documentExported (CADocument *)
void exportDone (int status)
void functionMarkContextExported (CAFunctionMarkContext *)
void lyricsContextExported (CALyricsContext *)
void midiInEvent (QVector< unsigned char > message)
void sheetExported (CASheet *)
void staffExported (CAStaff *)
void voiceExported (CAVoice *)

Public Member Functions

 CAMidiExport (QTextStream *out=0)
void closeInputPort ()
void closeOutputPort ()
void exportDocument (CADocument *, bool bStartThread=true)
CADocumentexportedDocument ()
CAFunctionMarkContextexportedFunctionMarkContext ()
CALyricsContextexportedLyricsContext ()
CASheetexportedSheet ()
CAStaffexportedStaff ()
CAVoiceexportedVoice ()
void exportFunctionMarkContext (CAFunctionMarkContext *)
void exportLyricsContext (CALyricsContext *)
void exportSheet (CASheet *)
void exportStaff (CAStaff *)
void exportVoice (CAVoice *)
QMap< int, QString > getInputPorts ()
QMap< int, QString > getOutputPorts ()
bool isRealTime ()
CAMidiDeviceType midiDeviceType ()
bool openInputPort (int port)
bool openOutputPort (int port)
const int progress ()
virtual const QString readableStatus ()
void send (QVector< unsigned char > message, int time)
void setStreamFromDevice (QIODevice *device)
void setStreamFromFile (const QString filename)
void setStreamToDevice (QIODevice *device)
virtual void setStreamToFile (const QString filename)
const int status ()
bool wait (unsigned long time=ULONG_MAX)
void writeFile ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int diatonicPitchToMidiPitch (CADiatonicPitch)
static unsigned char freeMidiChannel (CASheet *)
static CADiatonicPitch midiPitchToDiatonicPitch (int, CADiatonicKey k)
static CADiatonicPitch midiPitchToDiatonicPitch (int)

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

virtual void exportFunctionMarkContextImpl (CAFunctionMarkContext *)
virtual void exportLyricsContextImpl (CALyricsContext *)
virtual void exportSheetImpl (CASheet *)
virtual void exportStaffImpl (CAStaff *)
virtual void exportVoiceImpl (CAVoice *)
QFile * file ()
QTextStream & out ()
void run ()
void setFile (QFile *file)
void setMidiDeviceType (CAMidiDeviceType t)
void setProgress (const int progress)
void setRealTime (bool r)
void setStatus (const int status)
virtual void setStream (QTextStream *stream)
QTextStream * stream ()

Protected Attributes

CAMidiDeviceType _midiDeviceType
bool _realTime

Private Member Functions

void exportDocumentImpl (CADocument *doc)
QByteArray keySignature (void)
void printQByteArray (QByteArray x)
void setChunkLength (QByteArray *x)
void setCurSheet (CASheet *sheet)
void setCurVoice (CAVoice *voice)
QByteArray textEvent (int time, QString s)
QByteArray timeSignature (void)
QByteArray trackEnd (void)
QByteArray variableLengthValue (int value)
QByteArray word16 (int x)
QByteArray writeTime (int time)

Private Attributes

int midiTrackCount
QByteArray trackChunk
QVector< QByteArray > trackChunks
int trackTime
QVector< int > trackTimes

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