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CALyricsContext Class Reference

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Detailed Description

One stanza line of lyrics.

Copyright (c) 2007, Matevž Jekovec, Canorus development team All Rights Reserved. See AUTHORS for a complete list of authors.

Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See LICENSE.GPL for details.

This class represents a single stanza of the lyrics. It consists of various syllables (text under every note) sorted by their timeStarts.

Every LyricsContext has its associated voice. This is the voice which the syllables are assigned to (one syllable per chord). Assocciated voice is a common LilyPond syntax .

If the user wants to create multiple stanzas, it should create multiple lyrics contexts - one for each stanza.

See also:
_syllableMap, CASyllable

Definition at line 19 of file lyricscontext.h.

Public Types

enum  CAContextType { Staff, FunctionMarkContext, LyricsContext }

Public Member Functions

bool addEmptySyllable (int timeStart, int timeLength)
bool addSyllable (CASyllable *, bool replace=true)
CAVoiceassociatedVoice ()
 CALyricsContext (const QString name, int stanzaNumber, CASheet *s)
 CALyricsContext (const QString name, int stanzaNumber, CAVoice *v)
void clear ()
CALyricsContextclone (CASheet *s)
void cloneLyricsContextProperties (CALyricsContext *)
CAContextType contextType ()
QString customStanzaName ()
QList< CAMusElement * > musElementList ()
const QString name ()
CAMusElementnext (CAMusElement *)
CAMusElementprevious (CAMusElement *)
bool remove (CAMusElement *)
void removeAt (int i)
CASyllableremoveSyllableAtTimeStart (int timeStart)
void repositSyllables ()
void setAssociatedVoice (CAVoice *v)
void setCustomStanzaName (QString name)
void setName (const QString name)
void setSheet (CASheet *sheet)
void setStanzaNumber (int sn)
CASheetsheet ()
int stanzaNumber ()
CASyllablesyllableAt (int idx)
CASyllablesyllableAtTimeStart (int timeStart)
int syllableCount ()
QList< CASyllable * > syllableList ()

Protected Member Functions

void setContextType (CAContextType t)

Protected Attributes

CAContextType _contextType
QString _name

Private Attributes

QString _customStanzaName
int _stanzaNumber
QList< CASyllable * > _syllableList

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