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CAFunctionMarkContext Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Context for function marks.

Copyright (c) 2006-2007, Matevž Jekovec, Canorus development team All Rights Reserved. See AUTHORS for a complete list of authors.

Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See LICENSE.GPL for details.

This class represents a context which holds various function marks. As CAStaff is a parent context for CANote, CARest and other staff elements, CAFunctionMarkContext is a parent context for CAFunctionMark.

See also:

Definition at line 19 of file functionmarkcontext.h.

Public Types

enum  CAContextType { Staff, FunctionMarkContext, LyricsContext }

Public Member Functions

void addEmptyFunction (int timeStart, int timeLength)
void addFunctionMark (CAFunctionMark *mark, bool replace=true)
 CAFunctionMarkContext (const QString name, CASheet *sheet)
void clear ()
CAFunctionMarkContextclone (CASheet *s)
CAContextType contextType ()
CAFunctionMarkfunctionMarkAt (int idx)
int functionMarkCount (int timeStart=0)
QList< CAFunctionMark * > functionMarkList ()
const QString name ()
CAMusElementnext (CAMusElement *elt)
CAMusElementprevious (CAMusElement *elt)
bool remove (CAMusElement *elt)
void repositFunctions ()
void setName (const QString name)
void setSheet (CASheet *sheet)
CASheetsheet ()

Protected Member Functions

void setContextType (CAContextType t)

Protected Attributes

CAContextType _contextType
QString _name

Private Attributes

QList< CAFunctionMark * > _functionMarkList

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